How to Know What Your Customer is Thinking

Be your Own Customer

We all wish we could magically enter the minds of our customers, or those who chose not to become our customers. What if there was a way to know why they do or don't purchase something?

If you want to find out what your customer needs, or wants, be your own customer.

What is stopping your customers?

If you own a fitness studio, do you remember a time when you were out of shape or feeling physically weak? What did you feel? What was your inner voice telling you?

Better yet, what roadblocks kept you from joining a gym or fitness group?

Look at yourself now- have you plateaued in your fitness? If so, what can you do to make and accomplish another goal? What tools, resources and encouragement will make the difference between staying the same and growing? What events, programs, or products can you offer to your customers once they reach the initial goal or solve the initial problem?

"If you were your own customer, would you sign up for more services, purchase more products or ask for a refund?"

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I wanted to offer branding, but had not branded myself.

If you can sit down and answer these questions, you can begin to understand the mind of your customer and direct your business accordingly.  This is exactly what I recently did. For me, this is what it looked like:

How can I best coach a solopreneur through launching or rebranding a business? Be my own customer. As I sat in front of my computer, notepad on the table and pen in hand, drawing logos and writing a process to follow for my customers, I realized something. I have a passion for helping people clarify their why, discover their voice and connect with customers.

However, I had not taken myself on that journey. I pretty much know my why, and I had a good idea of the style and branding I wanted, and was excited to connect with people, but “pretty good” doesn't pay the bills. I had developed a laser-focus of sorts for what I wanted offer to customers, but if you asked me what I do, my answer would start with “well, I basically do this… and this… and this…”. That does not relay my passion or my knowledge in a way that someone would want to hear it, or hire me.

Businesses are built to solve problems

Most of us become business owners because our product or service can help in some way, and many times we have become an expert creating the product or service because it helped overcome a need or want in our own life. So I ask you, if you were your own customer, would you sign up for more services, purchase more products or ask for a refund?

Now when you ask me what I do, I have narrowed it down to a simple response:

Clearing the digital overwhelm and training the entrepreneur to win in the digital space 

through branding, web design, social media strategy and effective training.

So what does your customer think, and how will you better serve your customer by understanding their needs, fears, goals and way that they think?